Administration & government relation management

We administer organization with their government related requirements. We make sure that our services conforms and updating management on relevant government laws and regulations.

We serve the organization with all the legalities and it is a paramount important that we work to maintain and prevent any legal issues that arise. We are into critical roles in reviewing and drafting contracts, employee policies, and handling court cases. These legal departments are used by the companies in many varying degrees.

Benefits Of Administration Management

Medical Insurance Management

Company Cars Management

Business Trips Management

Maintaining & Monitoring MHRSD Portal

Maintaining & Monitoring GOAI Portal

Maintaining & Monitoring Muqeem Portal

Maintaining & Monitoring Mudad Portal

Processing for the Application of Temporary Residency (Iqama)

Document Expiry Tracking Notifications

Document Attestations

Visa Management (Exit, Exit Re-Entry), Visa Renewals

Processing of Ajeer Contracts