Payroll Management


Payroll Management

Covers all payroll related management following the government computing employees’ pay, issuing pay slips, additional payments and deductions, GOSI and ensures that you are kept compliant with WPS processing (uploading) regulations.

  • Attendance Management

  • Leave Management

  • Bonuses and Awards Management

  • Maintain Payroll Information

  • Salary Processing including OT ,Bonuses, incentives, etc.

  • Deductions and Loan management

  • wage Protection System(WPS) Management

  • Preparation Of EOSB

  • payslip Of Every Employee Upon Clients Desired Format And Mode


Keep Prying eyes away from your payroll through state-of-the-art technology. Round-the clock monitoring of your encrypted payroll data.


Meet your unique payroll requirements, with a configured platform built with you in mind. Need personalized support You’ve got it.

Rapid implementation

Avoid long, Stressful periods of waiting when setting up your first payroll in the Middle East. Deploy payroll no later than your estimated start date.